Why choose a functional trainer or cable cross over?




Trying to train in a packed out gym is a nightmare, you’re standing in line to use each machine and every time you change exercises you’re straight to the back of the line. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a machine that would let you do multiple exercises without having to move? This is the beauty of the cable machine. High quality cable machines like the Muscle D Functional Trainer  has two adjustable pulleys to adjust the cable to the height of the exercise, from floor height to overhead (around 95”) and has a great weight range from 2 - 200lb, meaning you can do a number of exercises. So if you are looking for one piece of equipment to purchase for your home gym or perhaps you’re adding to your current gym - look no further. The cable machine does it all, in a safer, easier, more time efficient way without having to compromise on using lighter weights. So why cables? The cable machine allows you to move through multiple planes of motion, meaning you are able to work your muscles from different angles. The constant resistance of a cable means your muscles are under tension throughout the entire exercise, unlike other machines that put the muscle under tension during the eccentric or concentric phase of the movement only. For an example of this, think about bicep curls. The muscle is worked more so in the eccentric phase of the movement i.e. when the weight is lowered from shoulder height downwards, fully controlled. Performing isolation exercises with a high amount of control will improve performance and form for heavier compound lifts. Not only do cables increase time under tension, they also protect you from a lot of the common injuries that occur during lifting free weights. Ever tried to do a lat raise with free weights and felt that twinge in your neck because you didn’t realise how heavy the weight was? It’s unfortunately common. The cable machine prevents this from happening and in fact, according to the American Journal of Sports medicine 90% of gym injuries come from free weights. If you’re short on time, stick to the cable machine. You don’t have to manually stack plates to get the weight up, it’s just a simple moving of the selector pin and you can go from 2 lb to 200 lb in a matter of seconds - saving a significant amount of time. Plus, everything you need is in one place, you train quads superset with bicep curls it’s great. The cable machine is without a doubt the most multifunctional machine in the gym. Whether you are a gym newcomer or you’re an experienced professional - you can get a great workout on the cable machine.

Here’s an example full body cable workout

  • Cable squats 
  • Cable crossovers 
  • Cable deadlifts 
  • Lat pull downs 
  • Tricep pull downs 
  • Bicep curls 
  • Cable crunches 
  • Cable pull throughs
  • Strengthen your gulf swing 
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