Re-Manufactured vs Cleaned & Serviced

What are gym equipment conditions and their differences?




Re-manufactured equipment means that there is a full, 'frame-off' restoration of the machine, which includes:

  • New Paint & Powder Coat 
  • New Overlays & Decals 
  • New Belts & Bearings
  • Rebuilt Alternators, Motors, Clutches
  • All Electronics tested to ensure (up to) manufacturer specs 
  • All long time wear items replaced (pedals, etc) 

Essentially a Re-manufactured machine should look and feel like a new machine .



Cleaned & Serviced


Cleaned & Serviced machines are just that,  they are cleaned up and put through a tech inspection to determine what wear items need replacement if at all. Also standard maintenance is done at this time to the machine, Cleaned & Serviced units usually get parts replaced like:

  • Belts
  • Bearings
  • Displays

Not 100% of the time are parts replaced this is usually left up to the techs discretion to make that determination. Cleaned & Serviced units do not mean less quality of equipment, these products come into us used and are already in good condition, they just need a full serviced in order to get them back out in the market, saving customers money.