DXP 5-50lb Rubber Pro Style Dumbbells

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DXP Rubber Encased Solid Dumbbell Set 


5-50lbs  Rubber Dumbbell Set

DXP  Rubber Encased Solid Steel Dumbbell Sets - Rubber encased solid head dumbbells by DXP offer a commercial dumbbell solution with an impact resistant head at a lower price point than urethane encased. Just like urethane, rubber dumbbells provide a layer of protection between the steel dumbbell structure and gym floors including surrounding equipment. This layer of rubber also does a great job with sound abatement which helps bring down the noise level of your weight room which can be especially important in multi-unit housing or garage gyms. Club owners, maintenance personnel and members will enjoy the maintenance free design of the DXP rubberized dumbbells. The compact solid heads will never loosen up, spin or need tightened. Once they are installed, they are worry free of maintenance and liability issues. And with a weight range between 5 and 120 lbs. they are suitable for most locations including garage gyms, school weight rooms, military gyms and commercial clubs.

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