FreeMotion Abdominal GZFM60113 (Used)


FreeMotion Abdominal GZFM60113, functionally trains the core to support rotational movements for stronger, more sculpted abs. It's arm straps move independently for a wide variety of abdominal exercises and single arm movements.


  • Target Muscles: Core, Upper, Lower and Oblique Abdominal Regions.
  • Swivel Pulleys: Ensures Fluid Cable Travel and Provides Nearly Unlimited Range of Motion
  • Independent Arm Movement: Arm Straps Move Independently for Wide Variety of Abdominal Exercises and Single Arm Movements
  • Lumbar Support: Lumbar Pad Adjusts to Various Positions to Fit Variety of Users / Vertical Design: Standing Exercises Lessen Stress On Neck and Occupy Smaller Footprint

  • Weight: 419 lbs
  • Dimensions: 34" L x 36" W x 75" H

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