FreeMotion Ground Zero Standing Hamstring (Used)


The FreeMotion Standing Hamstring features swivel pulleys that ensure fluid cable travel and provide nearly unlimited range of motion, a stability bar, and a unique platform that has grip texture to help ensure stable foot positioning.

The Free Motion Ground Zero line is a revolutionary 18-piece strength training system that overcomes the limitations of traditional fixed pattern exercises by incorporating functional training with real-life results, allowing you to "Train the Way You Move." The Ground Zero line functionally trains numerous muscle groups of the body simultaneously in natural, real-life, compound movement patterns, for an integrated total body workout. Unique machines include the Step, which develops balance, coordination, and lower body strength for activities such as climbing stairs, and the Lift, which trains the leg, arm, and back muscles to work together for spinal stabilization and activities that require lifting. The Single and Dual Cable Cross boast ground breaking proprietary features and provide an almost limitless range of diverse total body training exercises.

A FreeMotion Ground Zero Standing Hamstring is, and can best be described as follows: A Leg Curl is a plate-loaded or selectorized piece of gym equipment available in variations including: Seated, Prone (lying), Bent-over, Kneeling, or Standing, and is designed to strengthen the Hamstrings muscles of the legs during Strength Training. The user lifts the loaded or selected weight by flexing the knees against an adjustable lower leg pad in a curling motion, bringing the feet closer to the hips.


Machine Classification: GZFM6008

Item: Leg Curl
Training Zone: Lower Body

Technical Specifications: GZFM6008

Dimensions55" L by 36" W by 73" H
Weight430 Lbs.
Weight Stack Capacity 75 Lbs.
Supports strong movements across multiple planes of motion
Biomechanically engineered to train the way your body moves
Target multiple muscle groups on one machine with free range of motion
Exercises simulate real-life complex movement patterns
Innovative cable-driven weight stacks
Extensive cable travel allows for full exercise flexion, single leg81 inches (206 cm)
Specially designed foot harness fits a wide variety of users

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