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Gym packages are not a fit all for every situation, this is more of an idea or concept for a ready made gym package you can buy in order to get a gym opened up. These packages can we used to upgrade a current location or open a new one. This concept is for about a 2000 sq foot facility or for the sake of scale about the size of an Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness you see all over the US. If you in need of financing please just click here to get your paperwork started.   

This small commercial package would consist of the list below : 

Cardio Section 

5 Treadmills

5 Ellipticals 

2 Upright bike

2 Recumbent bike 

1 Rower 

1 Stemill 

Circuit Training 

10 Piece Selectorized Strength Circuit (Including Bicep, Tricep, Chest, Shoulder, Lat Pulldown, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Leg Press, Row and Abdominal machines) 

1 Multi Station 

1 Dual Cable Cross Over 

Free Weight Section 

1 Olympic Flat Bench 

1 Smith Machine

1 Half rack 

1 45 Degree Leg Press

1 Iso-lateral Chest Press 

2 Dumbbell Racks

1 Set of Dumbbells 5-100 lbs 

4 Adjustable Benches 

1000lbs in Plates 


Medicine balls,straps band, stability balls plyo boxes etc 





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