Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Linear Leg Press

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Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Linear Leg Press


The Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Linear Leg Press is designed to be an easy-to-use and have a smooth linear leg press motion. It also employs a flip-in, flip-out mechanism to aid exercisers in use.


Hammer Strength is the No. 1 brand of Plate Loaded equipment in the world and is designed to move with the body's natural path of motion. Hammer Strength was the first to explore the ergonomic advantages of independent converging and diverging arcs of motion. With over 40 Plate Loaded products, Hammer Strength offers the tools needed to build champions.

  • Rugged strength training equipment made for the elite athlete and those who want to train like one.
  • For more than 25 years, Hammer Strength equipment has been used by professional athletes who compete at the highest level, as well as the top college and high school athletic programs.
  • Hammer Strength equipment is designed to move the way the body is supposed to. It is built to provide performance strength training that yields results. Hammer Strength isn’t exclusive, it’s meant for anyone willing to put in the work.


Iso-lateral Technology

The Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Linear Leg Press delivers the smooth converging and diverging arcs of motion. Independent movement allows users to move both limbs at the same time, one at a time, alternating, or with different weights for each.

Ground Base

Ground Base machines are movement-based rather than muscle-based. They train multiple muscle groups at once, for total body training that builds explosiveness from the ground up.

A History Of Performance

Hammer Strength was built on the pure performance of Plate Loaded equipment. For more than 25 years it has been the preferred strength training option for elite athletes and those who train like one.

Training Convenience

The Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Linear Leg Press as well as other Hammer Strength machines offer several convenience features depending on the piece. Standard weight horns allow weights to be stored on machines for space efficiency, and rubber feet protect the base of the frame and prevent slipping



  • Dimensions: 95 in x 65 in x 57 in (242 cm x 166 cm x 145 cm)
  • Starting Resistance:118 lbs (53 kg)
  • Weight: 630 lb (286 kg)


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