Keiser M3 Studio Cycle

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Keiser M3 Studio Cycle



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Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle is a part of Keiser's M Series Indoor Cycles. Keiser has been a leading name in the Indoor Cycle fitness industry with over twenty years of experience and development. The Keiser M3 implements Keiser's patented Eddy Current Resistance; resistance created by magnetic force that is controlled by the proximity of the magnets.

A. The cage is integrated into the design of the pedal, not just added on 

B. Ramped barbs allow for secure foot placement without insertion difficulty

C. Curvature of the pedal matches typical shoe design, eliminating pressure points on the rider's foot 

D. Stronger bearings tested for static and dynamic loads experienced when rider gets on, off, and rides the bike

E. Pronounced edge allows rider to easily flip pedal and insert foot F. Easily accessible SPD tensioning adjustment

G. Flexible and strong axle design that evenly distributes stress load. Forged, chromoly steel axle, machined and heat treated for maximum strength

H. Re-angled SPD clip position provides greater clearance between the cage and the ground when using the SPD clips 

I. Secure strap design to prevent slipping when tightening and excessive wear


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