Life Fitness Discover SE Powermill

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Life Fitness Discover SE Powermill


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The Life Fitness Discover SE PowerMill uses SureStepSystem Technology and a reliable AC motor to ensure smooth motion and a large range of available speeds for a wide range of exercisers. Walking up a staircase is more difficult than walking straight ahead. You have to lift your feet higher, burn more energy and train your cardiovascular endurance on a stairclimber much more than on an ordinary treadmill. There is another reason that the stairclimber (especially in women) is so popular. Climbing is a fantastic exercise for your thighs and your ass. These parts of your body train you with a stairclimber much more than with a treadmill. The Life Fitness Discover SE PowerMill comes from the Elevation series of Life Fitness's cardio line. It is made for commercial gyms, practices and other environments where it is getting used all day. That means a high quality and long life expectancy.

The Life Fitness Discover SE PowerMill comes with the Discover SE console which allows you choose interaction, internet and entertainment. This HD touchscreen console uses the swipe technology you know from your phone. The Life Fitness Discover SE PowerMill is easy to use as well as easy to navigate through the programs. The Life Fitness Discover SE PowerMill has the smallest footprint in the industry yet the largest step space for its size. It caters for high-impact and moderate-intensity workouts and prides itself with a smooth motor-driven system and a super interactive console. Three intuitive console choices provide entertainment, workout tracking and detailed product use information.


  • Number of Programs: 27 Workout program
  • Resistance Levels: 25 levels of resistance
  • Console Type: 16" Integrated Surface Capacitive LCD Touch Screen with Swipe
  • Technology Heart Rate: Life Pulse Digital Heart Rate Monitoring with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and Polar telemetry compatible
  • Power Requirements: AC Power line 115 Volt. 15 Amp
  • iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone Compatibility, Video capability and playlist management on LCD Touch Screen
  • Internet available via shielded CAT6 or CAT5e; Wi-Fi
  • Lifescape interactive courses: Video speed and level/incline controlled
  • On-Demand Content (Music Videos, TV shows) available with purchase of Lifescape Gateway
  • LFConnect: Facility customization, end-user personalization, asset management (available with internet connection)
  • Compatible with Bluetooth devices
  • Workout Landscape, Perspectives, 400M Track, 5K Nature Trail, Mountain, Zoom
  • Promo Channel: Default channel to display facility specific content
  • Secure Channel: Monitor child day care center with password protection
  • Play Solitaire and read ePub files on the LCD Touch Screen
  • Step-Up Height: 10.5"

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