Marpo VMX Rope Trainer



Marpo VMX Rope Trainer


Experience dynamic resistance rope training with the Marpo VMX three60 rope trainer. The Multi-user, multi-mode, multi-functional training system allows sessions, full body strength, power and endurance workouts. the dynamic magnetic braking (DMB) system builds functional grip patternes and consistently provides potimal resistance that can be adjusted for endurance, strength, power or combination training. the rop angle can be also adjusted to provide an array of functional movements patterns - push, pulll, squat, lung, bend and rotate.


  • Dynamic magnetic brake system 
  • Dynamic resistance range 1-200 pounds 
  • Brake mechanism allows for bidirectional rope pulling
  • Sliding carriage enable quick and easy rope mode changes: vertical, diagonal, horizontal rope orientation
  • Specially designed rope is soft and easy to grip and durable and long lasting
  • Electronic Display tracks distance, time, speed and calories 
  • Unit power requirements: 2 AA batteries ( does not need power source)
  • Unit Demensions: 96x82x40 
  • Weight: 210 
  • Shipping weight 280lbs 





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