Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer

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Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer


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Everything you get from self-powered treadmills, weighted sleds, resistance parachutes and harness systems in one space-saving footprint. Designed for maximum versatility and intensity, athletes can perform forward, lateral or reverse movements to maximize neuromuscular development and enhance agility.

Intuitive Set Up & Use
Ideal for multi-athlete and group circuit training where quick transitions are essential.

Sled Brake & Dedicated Sled Bar
Eight resistance settings provide a true-to-life, weighted sled pushing experience and the equivalent maximum of pushing a 270 lb. (122.5kg) sled on natural turf. Built-in bar simulates sled pushing and pulling without needing the space to use a traditional sled.

Effortless Adjustable Harness
Allows for complete upper body range of movement. Unique treadmill-mounted design helps users refine form while coaches observe multiple sprint phases, adjust resistance and provide real-time feedback.

Parachute Brake
Eleven resistance settings give users the feel of real parachute resistance.

Ideally Angled
7-degree incline is ideal for building strength and explosiveness in sprint training without changing the athlete's natural gait.

Full Handrails
Designed to aid in entry and exit while offering support during lateral movement exercises. Provides convenient hand placement and stability as users switch rapidly from one phase of athletic movement to the next.

True Zero Start & Unlimited Top Speed
With no preset belt speeds, users can match their workout to their needs and fitness goals.

Low-Inertia Design
Offers true-to-life ground reaction force and quick deceleration, great for high-intensity interval training.

Heavy Duty Deck
Designed to stand up to the most intense workouts in athletic training environments.

Low Step-On Height
A 7 (17.8cm) step-on height makes it easily accessibl


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