Matrix T7xe Treadmill

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 Matrix T7xe Treadmill


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Introducing the Matrix T7xe, the flagship product of the Matrix fitness equipment range. Offering an industry leading 25,000 miles of maintenance-free performance as well as a powerful 5-horse power motor that comes with a lifetime warranty, this is truly a phenomenal piece of gym equipment.

The exclusive Ultimate DeckTM cushioning system offers a safe and comfortable exercise experience, so you can walk, jog or run harder and for longer! An impressive Dynamic Response Drive System has been coupled with advanced controller technology, which continuously monitors and adjusts to your footfall so action feels smooth, fluid and natural. 

A wide range of exciting programs including Manual, Manual, Rolling Hills, Fat Burn, 5k, Target HR, Gerkin Protocol, Army PFT, Navy PRT, Marine PFT, Air Force PRT and Physical Efficiency Battery (PEB) will keep you inspired and motivated as you achieve your fitness goals. Regular use of a treadmill is a fantastic way to boost cardio stamina, promote healthy weight loss and strengthen and tone a variety of muscles including the calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes and abs. The 0-15% incline will keep your muscles challenged and engaged, while the speed range of 0.5 – 15 mph (0.8 – 24 kph) will test your cardio endurance.

The stunning 15” integrated LCD screen features FitTouchTM, an intuitive touch screen interface that will take your training to a whole new level. Incorporating the latest Vista ClearTM Television Technology, the console delivers the most crisp, clear and vibrant digital display available. Keep track of important information such as Time, Distance (Kilometers or Miles), Calories, Calories per Hour, Speed, Incline, Pace, Heart Rate, METs, Watts, Dynamic Profile Display and Static Profile Display.

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