Maxxus Premium Smith Machine


Maxxus Premium Smith Machine

The Maxxus Smith Machine is a piece of fitness equipment that is a must in any gym or fitness studio. With this Maxxus Smith machine, you can perform multiple exercises and target multiple parts of your upper & lower body, and perform more than 15 different exercises such as incline shoulder raise, reverse calf raise, squats, inverted row and much more.
Constructed with oversize tubing and bearings, this Maxxus Smith Machine is built powerful and rugged. The Maxxus Smith machine takes no shortcuts in their laser cut bar holders and position rack. 

• Four convenient chromed weight plate holders per side
• Precision linear bearings provide super smooth bar operation
• Nearly weightless Olympic Bar with counterbalance
• ”96 x 52″ w x 93″ h, 585 lb
• 218 cm x 132 cm x 236 cm, 265 kg

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