Sledmill By The Abs Company



SLED PUSHING is one of the most effective exercises today. It’s a total body workout that improves strength, stamina, speed and power! Typically you need 40–50 yards of space to train. Not anymore! Now you only need 8 feet! All the benefits of sled training in a compact design. Plus the Sledmill is green so all the power comes from you!

The New SledMill

The flat low friction roller deck design allows for maximum functionality and versatility

  • replicates all sled exercises – including sprints
  • Simulate athletic movements performed on court/field — great for developing sports specific stability, speed and power
  • Bi-directional brake – forward or backwards
  • Quickly change directions (forward, lateral, backwards)
  • Trains how to generate maximum ground reaction force
  • Handle/strap attachment allows users to perform 100’s of full body exercise (great for group exercise)





  • Telescoping Front Handles adjust to fit users up to 6’8″
  • 8 Levels of Magnetic Resistance simulate pushing up to 450lbs
  • HIIT Mode Setting allows users to chose from multiple training protocols
  • Extended Warranty




Maximum Space Required: L 92″ x W 36″
Training Surface: L 53″ x W 21″
Unit Weight: 500 lbs
Warranty: Extended


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