VersaClimber H/ HP With Heart Monitor


VersaClimber H/HP By VersaClimber 




Versa Climber Burns more ugly Fat & Calories in just 20 minutes or less in the privacy and safety of your home.

Don’t have time for the Gym? Schedule too busy? VersaClimbing for just 20 minutes will get you on your way to an improved look, health, and life style. VersaClimbing in the privacy of your home is convenient, private and more importantly, safe.

Saves Floor Space

The home model VersaClimber doesn’t take up a lot of floor space, unlike treadmills andellipticals, it only requires 36″ x 44″ of floor; That’s it for a true total body workout. With its small foot print and total body results the VersaClimber is your choice for home training.

VersaClimber fits easily under any standard 8 foot ceiling–and provides a variable step height from 1″ to 20″. Most all other cardio equipment limits your true training potential and versatility by only allowing about 10″ of step height. Don’t be limited, you deserve a greater range of motion from your work out–VersaClimber provides that.



108 H VersaClimber Features:

Adjustable Module Display
Aircraft Quality Aluminum / Steel Structure
Coated Cable for Silent Operation
Fixed Resistance
Side Hand Rails for use as a Stepper
Adjustable Hand Grips, 3 Settings
Adjustable Foot Pedals, 3 Settings
Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern  Cross Crawl





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